Take the back and finish with just one hook in!

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Otavio Sousa pegando as costas e estrangulando no Chicago Open. Foto: IBJJF/Divulgação.

Otavio Sousa shows what a good back attack is worth, at the Chicago Open. IBJJF publicity photo.

When you’re pressuring past guard, often the opponent defends by turning on all fours. And there the old struggle begins: you try getting both your hooks in, he does his best not to let you, and you may very well loss the position, the roll or the match.

So how well does the thought of safely finishing with just one hook in sit with you?

Well that’s precisely what Maurício Fett, a Jiu-Jitsu professor at Jacarezinho Fett Fight academy, has to teach you. Check it out and let us know your thoughts. Do you tend to do something similar? Do you like the trick?

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