Surprise opponents with this loop choke using the lapel

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A techer at Brasa/Muzio, Pedro Rabello drives his arm to squeeze the choke.

It’s obvious that you have many options to attack from a position of side control. But how about adding a submission using the lapel to choke your opponent?

In today’s lesson, Pedro Rabello, an instructor at Muzio de Angelis’s school in Rio, teaches how to set up the lapel to catch your opponent in a beautiful, effective loop choke.

First, Pedro opens his opponent’s lapel to create the tool that will be doing the choking. Then he pulls his opponent so that, on all fours, he creates the space to pass the cloth and put the hand behind the head. Then, with the spin, Pedro is already adjusting the position, with only the final squeeze left to be done.

Watch this technique in motion here:

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