Rodolfo Vieira analyzes return to BJJ, possible match with Gordon Ryan

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Rodolfo wants to do BJJ and MMA in 2019. 

Absolute world champion Rodolfo Vieira went through a hiatus away from competitive BJJ. But like every good son, he has returned home. At October’s 1st annual Black Belt CBD Jiu-Jitsu Invitational, he fought in the gi once more, winning a title and a nice cash prize as he defeated Kit Dale and Mahamed Aly in the event’s GP.

Following this victory, Rodolfo chatted with us for Graciemag #261. He analyzed his return, his future plans for doing more classical BJJ parallel to his MMA career, and a possible offer for his next challenge: facing the phenomenon Gordon Ryan.

Here’s a part of that interview.

What are your next plans for your career?

I am under contract with ACB. They let me fight this time, but starting in 2019 I’ll probably fight only under them. No ADCC, for example. The idea is to fight no-gi in ACB, actually. I’m training without the gi more often, really. People have already tried to match me up with Gordon Ryan, and I think it would be nice for everybody if it happens.

What do you think of Ryan’s style?

Man, I think that if I’m well prepared, I do have a chance of beating him. He’s a tough guy, and well rounded too. He catches feet and heels very competently, but he doesn’t stick to just that — which is rare. He passes guard well, attacks the back and does armbars. It’s pretty loose jiu-jitsu, a style of fighting that I enjoy watching.

He has a sharp tongue — and keyboard. Does his trash talking bother you?

Not really. I know he likes provoking his rivals online, but I don’t judge him for that — he’s doing his marketing. And he’s a guy who talks and also does. Trash talking brings money, but it also brings a lot of extra responsibility, especially if the guy promises something and doesn’t come through. But it’s not my style; I’d feel bad boasting my advantages before the fight. I prefer to keep that certainty inside me, and whatever has to happen when the chips are down will happen. I prefer to train to the maximum, and with my mouth shut

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