Persistence: Julio Viotti’s foot lock at the Brazilian No-Gi Nationals

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Julio Viotti following his submission win. Courtesy of Julio Viotti

Those who like finishing on the leg or foot know: Patience and adjustment are key. To Julio Viotti, a teacher at FFTeam Jacutinga, there’s another factor involved in achieving a submission.

Confident in his adjustment, Viotti didn’t let a foot lock go and managed to successfully conclude it against Caio Rocha at the Brazilian No-Gi Nationals, held last weekend. To arrive at the setup, Viotti pulled half-guard in a spin straight to the foot. Caio tried to get rid of it, but Viotti was completely sure of his move, and his persistent adjustment bore fruit.

Check out the complete match in the following video, and always believe in that one move you have spent a lot of time working on.

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