Know how to bake a yeastless cake the Gracie way?

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Jiu Jitsu cake

A cake without yeast, without refined sugar and, if you so please, without egg: it's all up to you, gentle reader. Photo is merely illustrative.

The other day a web surfer curious and diligent when it comes to health posed a question in the Gracie Diet Facebook page, asking for recipes for light and healthy desserts in accordance with the Gracie Diet.

Our columnist Adriana offered some good tips, like banana cooked with cinnamon and cheese spread. And it’s worth keeping in mind that, whenever craving for something sweet strikes, nothings better than dates.


That said, every now and again I have to drum up a cake, to celebrate some occasion or another or pay tribute to someone. Marco Gracie Imperial, another specialist when it comes to wholesome eating, provides an intriguing recipe for a yeastless cake. Jot it downn.

* 250 grams wheat

* 3 cups coconut pulp

* 4 soup spoons of honey (or same amount of brown sugar)

* 8 Brazil nuts chopped into bits

* 6 dates

* 3 apples cut into slices

* ¾ cup milk

* 2 entire eggs (optional)

Blend the coconut and milk and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Mix it all together and put in oven. Egg is optional. You can use either honey or brown sugar.

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