Holm, McGregor or RDA, who was the best MMA fighter of 2015?

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With this past weekend’s card in Orlando, the year of 2015 in MMA is over.

It’s now time to choose who was the best fighter of 2015 in the cage.

We have pre-selected three names we thought really stood up above the crowd n the past 12 months.

Maybe you can help us pick the best fighter of 205.

Holly Holm 


She had a perfect year in 2015, despite fighting only three times. She came from being an unknown new prospect in January to the woman who dethroned uber star Ronda Rousey with a dominant performance. A new star was born instantly alongside a new era in female MMA. Hom’s boxing skills and perfect strategy were just too much for hyped up Ronda to handle. A rematch against was already announced, when Holm will be able to prove that her reign over the bantamweight division is set to be a long one.

Rafael dos Anjos


The lightweight champion does not hide from big challenges. In his last 10 fights, he faced people like Donald Cerrone (twice), Benson Henderson, Nate Diaz, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Anthony Pettis. With a 9-1 record in the last 10 appearances and now the owner of the 155lb belt, Dos Anjos is clearly here to stay. He sure came a long way from his unstable beginnings on the UFC, when he had a 4-4 record in his first 8 fights.

Conor McGregor  

Despite the unanimous-decision win, Conor McGregor (pictured) feels like he lost at UFC Fight Night 26. Photo via Getty Images.

 Photo via Getty Images.

If the election was to vote for the most popular MMA fighter, MCgregor would win easily. The Irishman became so huge in the business that not even Ronda Rousey is able to beat him in a popularity contest. Anyway, the truth is Conor is not just talk and glamour. He is also a great fighter with a deadly left hand, as his match against 10-year undefeated and then P4P best in the world, Jose Aldo, proved. McGregor is now saying that he wants the 155lb belt as well and the UFC is giving signs that it will allow him to hold both belts. can he do it?

So, here are our finalists. make your choice!


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