Galvão on 2014 Pan: “The result was perfect, but I have things to correct”

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Galvão celebrates at the 2014 Pan

Galvão celebrates at the 2014 Pan

Andre Galvão owned the 2014 Pan. Two gold medals (absolute and ultra-heavy), adult male team title, ending Alliance’s 4-year streak, wife Angelica winning at brown belt were some of the goals achieved last week in Irvine.

Even so, looking back, Galvão says that he still has a lot to improve and correct. He talked to GRACIEMAG’s Vitor Freitas about the 2014 Pan.

Galvão pressures Trans

Galvão pressures Trans

The ultra-heavy final against Alex Trans

“I was very focused in all my matches. I knew that he likes to put people in the 50/50 guard so I blocked that. I worked well on top, defending his attempts to sweep me and managed to get to his back. I couldn’t put the hooks in because I rushed to attack his neck. In the end, he came on top, but I was able to control it well to win.”

Working Lo's unique guard

Working Lo’s unique guard

The absolute final with Leandro Lo

“My goal in that match was to give the least amount of space possible to Lo. I wanted to presure him from beginning to end. I like to stack my opponent but it was hard against Lo. Only in the end I was able to do it. Lo is an awesome opponent and I always learn a lot watching his matches. His guard game is unique.”

Atos JJ adult male champion

“It was awesome! I want to thank all my teammates for this unprecedented accomplishment. This result is a direct outcome of all the hard work we put in everyday at all Atos JJ gyms.”

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