Video: Gordon Ryan finishes Ralek Gracie in Metamoris BJJ superfight

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Ryan with his hand raised after employing an inverted triangle vs. Gracie.

In a bid to raise money to pay athletes for their work in past events, last weekend Metamoris held a no-gi superfight between Ralek Gracie — its owner — and Gordon Ryan, the sitting under-88kg ADCC champion.

The duel took place at Gracie Academy in Torrance, Calif., a famous dojo with green mats built by Grandmaster Rorion Gracie.

Ryan had complete control over the match. He applied a triangle and adjusted it in inverted fashion to get the tap-out in just over 10 minutes. John Danaher, a coach of Ryan’s at Renzo Gracie Academy, posted this online:

On a bet placed shortly before the match he limited himself to sankaku (triangle) and juji gatame (armbar) attacks – the bet was that it had to be performed between ten and twelve minutes

It’s worth noting that Ryan said weeks before the fight that he planned on finishing Gracie with precisely the move he wound up using. You can click the video below to watch him keep his promise.

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