The Opponent Scored a Takedown? Counter with a Kimura Lock

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André Galvão shoots for a takedown on Romulo Barral in their Pro League 2012 final (Photo by IvanTrindade/GRACIEMAG).

When your opponent shoots in for a single-leg takedown, it’s time to start worrying: First, because you’ll get two points scored on you. Second, because you’re going to land on bottom. And third, because you’ll likely land in a precarious position, with your guard about to get passed.

But if that’s your problem, today we bring you Victor Estima’s solution.

The Jiu-Jitsu professor at Gracie Barra Birmingham shows that the remedy begins when you swiftly latch on to the opponent’s collar behind the neck. That, as he explains it, throws his posture a bit out of whack and hampers the takedown.

Now you bring the leg he’s grabbing forward, which keeps you from falling. And next, slap a Kimura lock on his arm, grabbing at the wrist to create greater pressure. The final component is the roll, which will land you over the opponent’s head, from where you can reposition yourself for the finish.

How did that fit into your arsenal of positions? Let us know, and share with your friends.

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