No-Gi Worlds: final results

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Gordon Ryan used his sharp guard to contain Yuri Simões’s attempts and win the absolute. Blanca Marisa Garcia

The final day of the 2018 World IBJJF No-Gi Championship — this Sunday — had strong emotions in store, and the public in Anaheim, Calif. was given quite a treat.

Among the standouts of the event were Gordon Ryan and Bia Mesquita, each with double gold.

To Ryan, who got a reaction from the crowd by appearing donning a red robe and a crown on Friday, the following two days served to prove his effectiveness in no-gi beyond a shadow of a doubt. In the ultra-heavy division, Ryan beat Yuri Simões in a semifinal match, later beating Roberto Cyborg for all the marbles — a fight the American was winning on points, but which ended in a disqualification, due to the force used by Cyborg when grabbing him by the neck. In the absolute, Ryan defeated two opponents before besting Patrick Gáudio in the quarterfinals, Jackson Sousa in the semis, and finally Yuri Simões.

With a sharp guard game, always seeking to place himself under his opponents and to sweep, Ryan was one step ahead in every match. In the absolute final, a sweep attempt against Simões yielded him the decisive advantage.


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@gordonlovesjiujitsu is the Open-Class World NoGi Champion. He takes double gold! #worldnogi2018

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In the women’s section, Bia Mesquita had the perfect day. At middleweight, after beating former UFC fighter Sarah Kaufmann, Bia had a hard-fought match with Ana Carolina Vieira, whom she beat with a takedown. In the absolute division, after getting past two opponents, Bia encountered Jéssica Flowers — the super-heavy champion — in the gold decider. It was all level until the final moments, when Bia managed to advance and take the back. She didn’t place the hooks, but it was enough to give her a 1-0 lead, and that was the end of that.


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O bote da rainha absoluta! Com @biamesquitajj… (Repost @ibjjf) #jiujitsu #mundialsemkimono #absoluto #jiujitsufeminino #bjjvideos

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Official results:

Men’s semis

Cícero Saldanha def. Kristian Woodman 2-0, adv
Nobuhiro Sawada def. Ronald Stephen, WO

João Miyao submitted Cleber “Clandestino,” RNC
Tomoyuki Hashimoto def. Hiago George 2-1, adv

Kennedy Maciel def. Pablo Mantovani 5-0, pts
Gilson Oliveira submitted Ian Sanders, triangle

Marcio André def. Frederico Augusto 21-2, pts
Gianni Grippo def. Rodrigo Freitas 11-0, pts

Hugo Marques def. Dante Leon 1-0, adv
Jaime Canuto def. Manuel Ribamar, decision

Josh Hinger def. Matheus Diniz 8-5, pts
Marcos Tinoco def. Murilo Santana 1-0, adv

Tim Spriggs def. Thiago Sá 2-0, pts
Jackson Sousa def. Devonthe Johnson 2-0, adv

Kaynan Duarte def. Patrick Gaudio, WO
James Puopolo def. Eliot Kelly 2-0, pts

Gordon Ryan def. Yuri Simões 11-0
Roberto Cyborg def. Max Gimenis 6-0, pts

Men’s finals

Nobuhiro Sawada def. Cícero Saldanha, decision

João Miyao def. Tomoyuki Hashimoto, decision

Kennedy Maciel def. Gilson Oliveira 2-0, pts

Gianni Grippo submitted Marcio Andre, RNC

Hugo Marques def. Jaime Canuto 4-0, pts

Josh Hinger submitted Marcos Tinoco, north–south choke

Tim Spriggs def. Jackson Sousa, decision

Kaynan Duarte submitted James Puopolo, guillotine

Gordon Ryan def. Roberto Cyborg, DQ

Women’s finals

Mayssa Caldas submitted Patrícia Fontes, RNC

Ffion Davies def. Amanda Monteiro 7-0, pts

Catherine Perret def. Tammi Musumeci 2-0, adv

Bia Mesquita def. Ana Carolina Vieira 2-0, pts

Luanna Alzuguir def. Cláudia do Val 2-1, adv

Nathiely de Jesus def. Maria Malyjasiak 1-0, adv

Jessica Flowers submitted Nivia Moura, kimura

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