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Bernardo Faria and Kayron Gracie weren’t favored to win the Pan 2010. So what?
That’s what GRACIEMAG asks its readers, and in particular these promises that came true. “I cleansed my soul. I was sick of just missing. I’d win one championship, but lose the next. This time I managed to become champion twice in a major international event,” vented Faria, heavy and open weight gold medalist. “It was the best championship of my life.”

The 2010 Pan was special for Kayron Gracie too. Making his black belt debut, Kayron won the dreaded middleweight division in April, beating stalwarts like Sérgio Moraes and Abmar Barbosa. “I’d had mixed results in the other belts; I trained a lot to overcome that,” recounted the Gracie.
As a consequence of their optimal performances, Bernardo and Kayron ended up on the cover of GRACIEMAG. Check out what there is to learn from the pair.

Making it to the top and adapting to it in a sports career is the theme of the May issue. In Profile, GRACIEMAG tells the story of Frank Edgar, the new UFC lightweight champion, who reveals what it takes to overcome a legend like BJ Penn.

Beyond the exclusive coverage of the 2010 Pan, GRACIEMAG serves up the best from the Arizona Open. Check out who’s on top in the American West.

In Face to Face, a revealing interview with Gunnar Nelson, the rookie Jiu-Jitsu champion harking from the mysterious nation of Iceland. Find out what he has to say about being on top, when the top could mean a volcano billowing smoke like the one in his homeland.

And how do you make it to the top? If you suspect your Jiu-Jitsu could be a few mountains higher were it not for your lack of gas, don’t miss the May issue of GRACIEMAG. This issue we hunt down athletes as diverse as André Galvão and Chuck Liddell to discover the trick to beating practitioners’ sneakiest and most recurring enemy: fatigue.

How do you rate your gas? Put it to the test with a circuit workout grueling even to Olympic athletes. That’s right, it’s time you become endowed with astounding stamina.

Now in Training Program, our GMA and teacher Eduardo Rocha teaches you to invest in your half-guard, in an elaborately illustrated section.

The May issue further offers the best letters from readers, pregnancy and Jiu-Jitsu, an inspiring bout between Superman and Muhammad Ali, Ginástica Natural, highlights from the GMA, the epic encounter between Rani Yahya and Léo Vieira and more valuable lessons from our physical conditioning master Martin Rooney.

Get your copy and carry on in your trek to the top!

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