Fellipe Andrew passes Buchecha to take top spot in IBJJF rankings

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After shining with absolute gold at the 2020 European Championship, Fellipe Andrew became the No. 1 male BJJ fighter in the world. Following the event but before the rankings update, Fellipe was already confident he was going to pass Marcus Buchecha.

Only 30 points separated Fellipe from the top. Now he has jumped to 985.5 points, followed by Buchecha, at 819, and Lucas Hulk, who has 780.5.

“After getting a medal in the absolute at the 2019 Worlds, I placed myself in a good position on the list,” said Fellipe in a recent talk with Graciemag. “I put the rankings as one of the foci for 2020.”

He added: “Passing Buchecha in the rankings is… different. Hulk is also glued to us on points, so I’m going to fight with all I can.”

Below are the athletes that round out the top ten, and here’s a question: Do you think Fellipe can finish the season in first place?

1  -/- Fellipe Andrew                 -/- 985.5 pts -/- Zenith BJJ
2  -/- Marcus “Buchecha”        -/- 819.0 pts -/- CheckMat USA
3  -/- Lucas “Hulk”                    -/- 780.5 pts -/- Atos Jiu Jitsu USA
4  -/- Keenan Cornelius           -/- 627.5 pts -/- Legion American Jiu-Jitsu
5  -/- Leandro Lo                      -/- 575.0 pts -/- Ns Brotherhood
6  -/- Eldar Rafigaev                -/- 556.5 pts -/- Jungle BJJ
7  -/- Thiago Macedo              -/- 551.5 pts -/- Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ
8  -/- Alexandre Molinaro      -/- 538.5 pts -/- Carlson Gracie Team
9  -/- Horlando Monteiro       -/- 531.0 pts -/- Kimura International
10 -/- João Miyao                   -/- 500.0 pts -/- PSLPB Cicero Costha

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