Englishman attempts to get Jiu-Jitsu into record book

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Ebe Ghanshah has been teaching martial arts for 28 years and now wants to raise 5,000 pounds to help a hospital for terminally ill children in England.

The idea he came up with to reach his target was this: teach a 30-hour Jiu-Jitsu class in order to break the current record for “longest aerobic marathon/exercise class,” which was set at 29 hours and one minute.

The class ended yesterday, at 30 hours and one minute, as his teacher Braulio Estima reported over twitter. Ebe thus managed to combine his two passions: teaching Jiu-Jitsu and MMA with charity.

“Over these 28 years of teaching class I could see how martial arts build self-confidence, especially in teenagers and kids. That’s why I picked Keech Hospice to receive the money donated to this event,” said the Gracie Barra brown belt.

“A number of teammates supported me, and people even flew in from the USA, all to break this record, count as witnesses and to guarantee Jiu-Jitsu’s place in the Guinness World Record Book,” said Ebe, who even has a 2010 match against Rafael Mendes under his belt, during the inter-nation contest traditionally held at the European Open.

For further news on the class and world record, check www.bjjworldrecord.com or right here at GRACIEMAG.com soon.

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  2. M U Rafi at 10:44 am

    Excellent, Ebe is very motivational and I hope more people take his lead and initiate positive activities within their own communities.

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