Buchecha: “The fight with Rodolfo taught me the importance of patience”

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Marcus Almeida is already back in California and getting ready for the 2014 World Championship, that takes place in the end of May. Even so, he is still talking about the thrilling match that decided the 2014 WPJJC male black belt open class division in Abu Dhabi against Rodolfo Vieira. A last-second sweep made him a two-time champion, a title that meant $30,000 in his pocket. In this exclusive interview, Buchecha talks about the fight with Rodolfo and reveals where that sweep came from.

Was this final at the 2014 WPJJC your most complicated fight with Rodolfo since 2011? Why?

I think it’s hard to say it was the most complicated one, because they were all tough. However, I think this time he managed to get much faster to his stronger positions, and at the start of the fight he was very strong, but I kept calm and was able to use one of my sweeps at the very end and managed to get the points.

Watch Buchecha using the same sweep in 2010, as a brown belt.

The winning sweep you used is a trait of your friend Roberto Cyborg’s game. Did you learn that from him? How did it wind up making its way into your game?

In fact I learned that sweep as a blue belt and have been using it since, but starting at purple belt I began doing variations to knee and foot locks. In this match that was what i did. I thought about attacking his foot, but saw there would be no time for that, so I decided to get on top and score the points.

What lesson can be derived from this match, possibly for use in a June match at the IBJJF’s World Championship?

I think a lot of people learn lessons from defeats, and fortunately I can learn them from wins as well as losses. This time I saw patience was key, and I’ll be working hard on that.

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