Buchecha beats Lovato, and Leandro Lo beats Gordon Ryan at ADCC Trials

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Marcus Buchecha won the most awaited fight of the night. Blanca Marisa Garcia

The American Trials for ADCC 2017 went down Saturday the 15th in Anaheim, Calif. On top of featuring contests to determine which fighters would qualify for the big one in September, the event hosted four grappling superfights.

In the main one, the record holder for absolute IBJJF world championships, Marcus Almeida, showed that his BJJ skills do not depend on having a gi to grab on to. He faced Rafael Lovato Jr., taking him down twice and passing to end with a 6-0 score.

The other main fight saw a last-minute replacement: Bráulio Estima, who was going to face Leandro Lo, was removed due to getting hurt while warming up for the bout. He would write on social media afterwards (unedited):

I have no words to describe all this. After a very complicated camp with several injuries back to back within 2 months (15 stocked on my left eye, right shoulder, left shoulder, right knee, neck and to finalize on the warm up for my fight I just ripped my hamstring. I’m so sorry. I was really looking forwards to fighting today and next week. I can only apologaise for letting my fans down. I feel the worst ever felt. I feel cursed. I hope it’s gone.

Leandro Lo beat Gordon Ryan. Blanca Marisa Garcia

The ADCC swapped Estima for Gordon Ryan. Five-time world champion Leandro Lo took him down twice to win on points.

Earlier, Roberto Cyborg fought a very technical match with Vinny Magalhães; Cyborg won by three points due to taking the back. And the first superfight of the night pitted Bruno Frazatto against Eddie Bravo pupil Geo Martinez; Frazatto ended up winning 5-0.

In the regular qualifiers, Vagner Rocha earned a spot in the 2017 ADCC by defeating AJ Agazarm at 77kg. Sixteen-year-old blue-belt Elisabeth Clay had an incredible campaign, nabbing a spot at 60kg.



Marcus Buchecha def. Rafael Lovato 6 – 0
Leandro Lo def. Gordon Ryan 4 – 0
Roberto Cyborg def. Vinny Magalhães 3 – 0
Bruno Frazatto def. Geo Martinez 5 – 0

Men’s Trials
66kg – Ethan Crelinsten def. Ricky Lule
77kg – Vagner Rocha def. AJ Agazarm
88kg – John Salter def. DJ Jackson
99kg – Paul Ardila def. Nick Schrock
> 99kg – Casey Hellenberg def. Jesseray Childrey

Women’s Trials
< 60kg – Elisabeth Clay def. Nicole Sulivan
> 60kg – Tara White def. Kendal Reusing

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