3 details behind Caio Terra’s win over Jeff Glover

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Caio Terra against Jeff Glover at Metamoris Pro / Photo by Lamonica/publicity

Metamoris Pro served up a whopping dose of high-caliber Jiu-Jitsu last weekend in San Diego, California. It was an unforgettable afternoon, and right on the very first match of the card, one of the liveliest of all, Caio Terra had the wherewithal to break free of a figure-four footlock, pass guard and launch an attack of his own on Jeff Glover’s arm.

Cold calculations, persistence in execution, and heaps of confidence—those were the three aspects that made the difference in his winning.

As the gentle art teaches to do without end, Caio had to be patient to not give up on the hold. Pay attention to how long it takes him to finish the fight after launching the arm assault at minute 11:17. Watch and learn with Caio and Jeff.


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