12 life lessons kids learn fast in Jiu-Jitsu

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Do you think your son or daughter should practice Jiu-Jitsu? Why?

If you do not have the answer on the tip of your tongue, GRACIEMAG highlighted here 12 life lessons that the little ones will take to the rest of their lives as soon as they start training at a good Jiu-Jitsu school.

1- Kids will learn that falling down is part of life. And, that to get up and move ahead, the only thing you need is will power.

2- They learn that making mistakes is actually the best way to succeed. But, also that making the same mistake all the time can result in a darn hard time.

3- They’ll know how to quickly recognize the satisfaction of sweat and work hard, which takes to accomplish any task.

4- Children will learn to keep, by themselves, their own workout clothes in the bag – they will learn it for the first time when someone else, distracted, puts their father’s kimono pants into the backpack, which will be a little big …

5- Kids realize how foolish it is to fear the big guy from another class. And, they notice the simplest and transforming value of looking right into the eyes of other people – not as a sign of defiance, but of respect, understanding, and equality.

6- They will learn the value of a person is not given by color, age or religion. On the mat, you are equal to everyone, and your value is just measured by the sweat you shed, skills and gestures you demonstrate while rolling with your companions in battle.


7- They learn to collect friends with healthy habits and that have also learned to respect others.

8- Children will learn to focus on a problem to solve it. The distracted and relapsing youngsters will be able to concentrate, and to pay more attention to what is taught.

9- They will enjoy the pleasure of a much more real and enjoyable physical activity than video and mobile games. And, it can still be done with parents and even with Grandpa!

10- They learn that winning (in life or in martial arts) does not mean to hurt or step on anyone.

11- They will learn to develop mental abilities, such as memory to remember the techniques, and coolness to face the biggest challenges.

12- Kids realize that awards only come with true effort – It can be stripes on their belts, a new belt, or a victory.

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