Who’ll shine brightest at the Worlds No-Gi this weekend?

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Cobrinha em ação na Pirâmide de Long Beach, em foto de Dan Rod.

Rubens Cobrinha is confirmed for yet another chapter of the tournament in the Long Beac, California pyramid. Photo by Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.

Once again, the pyramid-shaped gymnasium at California State University, Long Beach will host the World No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Championship, this coming November 3 and 4, and a constellation of stars, like  (pictured), are signed up to be there.

So who do you think will shine brightest?

Take a look at the following list of some of the biggest names on the roster, and let us know: Who takes the absolute? Who’re you rooting for, gentle Jiu-Jitsu lover?


Caio Terra (Gracie Elite), Raul Marcello (Gracie Humaitá), Fabbio Passos (Alliance)


Gabriel Moraes (CheckMat), Laércio Fernandes (Lotus), Rafael Freitas (GB), Henrique Costa e Silva (Alliance)


Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” (Alliance), Justin Rader (Lovato), Ed Ramos (Atos), Samir Chantre (Gracie Elite), Osvaldo Moizinho (Gracie Elite)


Lucas Lepri (Alliance), Leandro Lo (Cícero Costha), Augusto Tanquinho (Soul Fighters), Jonathan Torres “JT” (Lloyd Irvin), Zak Maxwell (Gracie Humaitá)


DJ Jackson (Lloyd Irvin), Murilo Santana (Barbosa JJ), Clark Gracie, Vitor Henrique (GFTeam), Marcelo Mafra (CheckMat), Thiago Abreu (CheckMat), Bill Cooper (Paragon)


Romulo Barral (Gracie Barra), Pablo Popovitch (The Avengers), Ezra Lenon (ATT), Marcello Salazar (BTT), Filipe Meirelles (Alliance), Marco Antonio Giudice (CheckMat), Victor Bomfim (GFTeam), Kleber Buiú (GB), Bruno Antunes (GB)


Rafael Lovato (Ribeiro JJ), Eduardo Telles (Brasa), Roberto Tussa (Gracie Barra), Nivaldo Oliveira (CheckMat), David Avellan (Lloyd Irvin), Diego Nosferatu (Gracie Elite)


Xande Ribeiro, Bernardo Faria (Alliance), Antonio Peinado (Alliance), Paulo Tarcisio (CheckMat), João Assis (CheckMat), James Puopolo (Ribeiro)


Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu (Avengers), Leonardo Henrique (Atos), Gustavo Elias (Gracie Humaitá)


Michelle Nicolini (Checkmat), Beatriz Mesquita (Gracie Humaitá), Nyjah Easton (Lloyd Irvin), Penny Thomas (Gracie Humaitá), Luiza Monteiro (Cícero Costha), Fernanda Mazzelli (Striker JJ), Ana Carolina Lebre (Gracie Humaitá), Tammy Griego (GB)


Keenan Cornelius (Lloyd Irvin), Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde (Alliance), Victor Silvério (GFTeam), Carlos Rosado (Gracie Barra), Wilbur Leonard (Lloyd Irvin)


Ricardo e Bruno Bastos (Nova União), Rodrigo Comprido (Brasa), Baret Yoshida, Carlos Esquisito (CheckMat), Joseph Capizzi (Gracie Elite), Marcos Torregrossa (Lloyd Irvin), Sandro Batata, Jonatas Novaes (Brasa), André Glodzinski (Cia Paulista)

So who do you think steals the show in Long Beach, California? Let us know your thoughts.

Click here for the complete competitor list.

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