Learn to pass de la Riva guard from Leandro Lo

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Leandro Lo against Felipe Preguiça at Copa Pódio / Photo by Gustavo Aragão/GRACIEMAG.com

Riding the wake of the gentle art’s rising popularity in the Brazilian Northeast, the seventh installment of Best Fighters Jiu-Jitsu tournament will take place this coming weekend in the city of Fortaleza, and there are some major attractions for athletes and fans alike on offer.

There’s BRL 15,000 up for grabs—the winner of the absolute black belt division alone will pocket 3,500, according to the promoters. The sum has caught the attention of athletes from elsewhere, and they’re on their way to Ceará State to try and get their hands on the bounty.

One of these fearless competitors is Leandro Lo. The current lightweight champion of the world is confirmed to be there and is favored to win the title. “I’m going to compete in Fortaleza and stay there for two weeks. I’m going to train with Ricardo Costa, Fabio Jefferson and Dênis Chokito at DKB team. After that I’m going to try and win my way to Abu Dhabi at the Natal tryouts on the coming 15th,” the São Paulo native told GRACIEMAG.com.

Leandro Lo, proving he leaves no loose ends untied, reveals how to unravel the de la Riva guard in the following video.

As he shows it, the trick is to get a four-finger grip on the pant leg and push the leg down. Next, get your knee on the opponent’s belly and push the other leg, trapping the hip. This set of movements takes both legs out of play. Watch the video, and comment on what you make of the position.

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