Video: Gustavo Braguinha beats Xande Ribeiro at San Diego Open

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Braguinha and Xande in the heavyweight final.

The San Diego Open was held last Saturday, and Brazil’s Gustavo “Braguinha” Batista was the big winner. An Atos Jiu-Jitsu athlete, Braguinha claimed both the heavyweight and the absolute titles.

Beating the heavyweight field was no small feat, considering his opponent in the final was Xande Ribeiro. Though Xande put up a good fight, Braguinha ended up with with a win on points.

In the open division, Braguinha met super-heavyweight runner-up Ashur Darmo (Gracie Barra). Having passed Darmo’s guard, Braguinha mounted and attacked with pressure; a choke did the trick.

You can watch both of Braguinha’s finals in these videos.

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