UFC 175: get ready for Weidman vs. Machida

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  1. Andrew Lanutti at 5:00 pm

    I have watched all the Chris Weidman fights as many as I could and I have been watching Machida from the beginning and I watch his Karate Training and the father that taught him and his overall ability is fantastic. Chris Weidman is no Martial Arts Master and the skill level between the two is night and day. Machida is the best all around fighter in the MMA period. The opponents that Machida has destroyed are numerous. His speed,power, karate knowledge, foot work and all out skill will be evident against Weidman. Who has Weidman defeated that can compare to what Machida has done. He beat Silva because he was clowning around and the second time because he broke his leg Oh and Chris states he practiced blocking kicks like that. Please! The man is going to get killed in the ring against Machida. Randy Couture was a superior wrestler and much better than Chris. look what Machida did to him. Machida was beating John Jones until the choke out. John won because of his long arms.

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