The position that made Ronaldo Jacaré Jiu-Jitsu and MMA champ

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Ronaldo Jacare celebra no Strikeforce em foto de Esther Lin Divulgacao

Ronaldo Jacaré celebrates victory in Strikeforce cage. Photo by Esther Lin/Strikeforce publicity.

There isn’t much of a secret to the victorious Jiu-Jitsu career of Ronaldo “Jacaré” Souza. A regular on the pages of GRACIEMAG since he was a purple belt, the Strikeforce star’s success is based on three basic pillars: total dedication, passion for the gentle art and lots of pressure—on the ground and on foot.

It was from this continuous and unyielding pressure that the Henrique Machado student developed a solid guard pass, which helps him get atop his opponent and ignore any obstacles that may be in his way.


At a seminar held last year at businessman Gilberto Faria’s headquarters, Jiu-Jitsu Pro Gear, Jaca demonstrated his preferred method for passing guard. First shoot for takedown, land already setting yourself up to pass without leaving any room, and once on the side, coax the tapout.

In this second video, Jacaré teaches a trick to finishing with means offered by the adversary. Check out the effectiveness of his Ezequiel choke. And comment below: what’s your favorite trick to putting pressure on an opponent?

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