Sharpen your Kimura with our GMA and warm up for No-Gi season

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The Long Beach Pyramid, the venue for the No-Gi World Championship / Photo by Regis Chen/GRACIEMAG

No-Gi-Jiu-Jitsu hunting season is about to open. The European Championship is coming up this October 21 in London, while on the 3rd and 4th of November there’ll be the No-Gi World Championship at the Long Beach Pyramid in California.

To motivate you to stick your neck out in the IBJJF tournaments, check out the following lessons from Roberto Cuartero,  our GMA in Jacksonville, Florida. The Gracie Barra South Jax black belt teaches a series of Kimura-lock attacks from closed guard.

Take note of how the trick is to break the opponent’s posture with the help of your legs. Watch and comment: does the moves work with your game?

To get in on the European No-Gi Championship, click here. To test your game at the No-Gi Worlds, click here.

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