Watch ‘Roger Gracie: Legacy,’ a deep dive into the clash of the two greatest BJJ world champions

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This documentary goes behind the scenes in the fight between Roger and Buchecha, and analyzes the preparation, the techniques and the strategies of these two giants for their momentous clash.

You may have seen online the fight between Roger Gracie and Marcus Buchecha — 23 IBJJF world titles between them, and counting — held at Gracie Pro’s July 23, 2017 event. While these are very different times, one would be hard-pressed to find a match better suited to be called the Helio vs. Kimura of the modern age of BJJ. It is at the very least a momentous duel between the two greatest BJJ world champions — a clash of generations where the old-timer (sorry, Roger) returned for one final go-around and defeated the reigning king of the sport. 

It’s time to go beyond the mere record of the match and learn many lessons from the documentary Roger Gracie: Legacy. Produced by Gallerr, this short film reveals never-before-seen moments of the athletes’ preparation, as well as episodes of tension going on backstage. You will see the work of concentration alongside the coaches in the locker room, the refining of strategies and the words of incentive.

Narrated in first person by Roger Gracie, this documentary helps you understand what goes on inside the mind of an elite competitor before, during and after a big BJJ challenge. In addition, Roger analyzes his emotional state on that July afternoon and confesses he felt nervous, despite not letting it show.

Also valuable is the audio capturing the voice of Renzo Gracie, who was in Roger’s corner throughout the match. And you won’t want to miss Roger’s considerations upon watching the crucial parts of the fight, like the first five minutes, when he frustrated Buchecha with efficient blocks to the younger fighter’s takedown attempts.

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