Roger Gracie explains how he contracted and beat the coronavirus

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Roger Gracie vai voltar a lutar na Ásia, e com duas boas vitórias pode retornar ao UFC. Foto: Strikeforce

Roger Gracie wins again. Strikeforce

If you think that athletes and physically active people are free from the risks of the coronavirus, think again. Even the greatest of champions can be knocked down by the devastating disease. Roger Gracie, the ten-time BJJ world champion, is one of the almost two million people confirmed to have been infected. Thankfully, he’s now out of danger.

Graciemag had a quick chat with Roger, who made sure to tell readers he has recovered — same for his girlfriend, also infected by the highly contagious virus, and also recovered. Their two kids were spared from the disease.

Roger had as his first symptom a cough, which was constant and would not go away. Then came a high fever, which even scared the champion, requiring an ambulance to be called.

“I went ten days in bed, with a 40-degree fever and cough,” said Roger to the reporter Marcelo Barone of “I had difficulty breathing one day — thankfully that didn’t get worse. I called the ambulance, even got on it. They ran the tests, called the medical chief and thought it better for me to stay home.”

Roger added: “It’s necessary to spread the word. The disease really does affect the most frail, the older people, but also the other people. We can’t take this lightly. It’s no joke.”

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