GM #200: A private lesson in Jiu-Jitsu, health and nutrition with Carlos Gracie Jr.

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We visited Carlos Gracie Jr.’s home in Florianópolis to unveil the coral-belt’s secrets in nutrition, training and life philosophy. At 57, Carlinhos boasts tremendous health, and nothing better than a chat in his habitat to reveal all the details that help him carry the banner of BJJ and go on teaching with a black-belt’s tenacity for so long.



Fire in the eyes

As much as the stern face of Wallid Ismail and the stories surrounding him may frighten those who know him superficially, this BJJ staple, who for years was synonymous with competitive Jiu-Jitsu, coolly sat down with GRACIEMAG to discuss the details of his life as an athlete, complete with its highs and lows, much training, and great conquests. He talks about his time as a Carlson Gracie pupil and gives some wise advice to younger athletes.



A question of style

Which athlete today has the most elegant Jiu-Jitsu? We submitted that tough query to pundits, referees and readers. See who came out on top.



Anthology of modern MMA

From marginalized sport to the market that grows the fastest in the business of sports entertainment, MMA has brought us truly memorable battles over the years. GRACIEMAG selected our 20 favorites, based on their historical context, the impression they left and the actual technique displayed.



A feast of experience and love for Jiu-Jitsu

Worlds Masters & Seniors doubles in size and sees Saulo Ribeiro and Ricardo Bastos shine on a weekend of celebration of the gentle art for those over 30. Don’t miss GRACIEMAG’s unparalleled coverage.



Cult of the basic

The more refined BJJ techniques aren’t always the key to victory. With that in mind, Antônio Braga Neto appears in this month’s TRAINING PROGRAM bringing simple yet valuable positions that are going to boost your training and make you secure when the chips are down in your tournaments. Get the basics right and win!




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