Lightweight Frazatto at Pan: “I pumped some iron”

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Bruno against Mario Reis, at 2009 Worlds. Photo: Regis Chen

World featherweight runner-up in 2008 and 2009 Bruno Frazatto (Atos JJ) will try his luck on a new battle front. The Roberto Tozi black belt put on weight and muscle and will wade  into the lightweight division at the upcoming Jiu-Jitsu Pan, to kick off April 8 in Irvine, California.

Frazatto will test drive his new body at the World Pro Cup tryouts in Gramado, Brazil, this coming weekend.

“I’m heading off tomorrow. I’ll fight in the under 74kg division along with Rodrigo Caporal, while the Mendes’ will be at the lower weight group, under 65kg. A bunch of guys are going in the heavier divisions, so we’re confident. I pumped some iron since the Worlds and I’m much stronger now,” he says.

The news putting a damper on Team Atos’ excitement, though, is the absence of Gilbert “Durinho” Burns, who is out injured.

To sign up for the Pan, click here.

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