Learn how to attack from half-guard, at Renzo Gracie Online Academy

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We’re updating this article with an extra free video:

This week, Renzo Gracie Online Academy goes back to examining the half-guard, emphasizing the position’s offensive aspects. Go to www.gallerr.com/rgoa to see Leandro Slaib teach five very efficient attacks, almost always wrapping with his arm one of the passer’s legs — a detail that keeps Slaib safe throughout the execution of sweeps or the progression to the back. Here’s an example:

In another case, besides the sweep option, Slaib considers the possibility of going to the back:

In your lifestyle lesson, Wellington Megaton teaches how to recharge your energy, unwind and go back to the mat hungry for more.

Don’t waste any more time. Go to www.gallerr.com/rgoa to get access to the entirety of the content of the Internet’s most sophisticated BJJ course. Become an RGOA student.


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