Jiu-Jitsu’s biggest stars say thanks for 2014 and reveal their New Year resolutions for 2015

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Buchecha is thankful for the perfect year. João Gabriel says thanks for the gift of life. Gabi Garcia saw the positive side of a obstacle. JT Torres wants to get out of his comfort zone in 2015 and João Miyao wants to go after the gold medal he nearly conquered in 2014.

Read what some of the greatest names in Jiu-Jitsu want from 2015 and to what they are thankful for in 2014.

Marcus Buchecha

“It was a perfect year for me professionally. I fought only the most important competition and thank God was able to win them all. Other than that, I was able to travel the world doing what I love the most, which is to train and teach Jiu-Jitsu. I’d like to thank my family and my team Checkmat and also my sponsors. I’d also like to thank all my friends that suffered with my fights, specially the ones I was behind until the very end and still managed to win. For 2015, I just hope to have an even better year than 2014. I’m curious to see where life will lead me to.”

João Gabriel Rocha

“It was a year to erase from my life and never look back, wasn’t it? How could I forget the year that presented me with so many good things? A year that made me realize that the simple act of breathing is reason enough to be happy. It’s like this quote reads: ‘Doesn’t matter how tough you are, life will hit you harder than anyone else. It’s not a matter of how hard you can throw punch, but how many punches you can take and still fight back.’”

Rafael Mendes and Guilherme Mendes

Rafael Mendes and Guilherme Mendes

Rafael & Gui Mendes

“We’d like to thank all opportunities to have experiences we’ll never forget and make friends that will remain for our whole lives, all a result of the wonderful lifestyle we live. We believe that our mind will be open to new informations and our constant search for perfection will guide us even farther. We’d like to enjoy all experiences that 2015 will offer fearing nothing because we know there’s nothing to be scared of when we live a positive life. We want to get rid of any envy or lie that surround us once we cultivate the truth and learn to be always ready for life’s challenges.”

Otavio Sousa

“The year of 2014 was wonderful, with many accomplishments. I’m sicked for 2015, which will be even better. I can only thank God for all the good things that are happening to me. I want also to say thanks to all the people that are around me to support me in all my decisions. I will keep working hard to fulfill all my goals in 2015. All I need to do is to correct a few mistakes and look forward to new victories”.

João Miyao

“I’m not really a man of words, but here we go… I’d like to say thanks to my Professor Cicero Costha, friend and training partner Murilo Santana and my sponsors. For 2015, I want to train even harder to achieve my main goal, which is to be a black belt.”

Buchecha and Gabi cropped

Gabi Garcia

“First of all I want to thank God for the opportunities He gave me to learn as a human being. In 2014, I faced a few problems which I thought I could not overcome, but I did with dignity. I came back stronger from a rib injury days before the Worlds. This injury gave me an inner strength that created the opportunity to come back much more focused and stronger. I also want to thank my sponsors and the media for the space I get to show my work. The year that passed showed me that the true champion is the one who faces adversity with the head held high. For 2015, I will train harder than ever to win double gold on all championships. I have a drive that I never had before and I’m sure this year will be Gabi Garcia’s year both in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.”

Alex Trans

“I’d like to say thanks for being able to do what I love, to train and compete, and for having a team, sponsors and family that supports me, and for all the great experiences that I had through Jiu-Jitsu. I’m going to keep the focus, and try to keep evolving in my Jiu-Jitsu, always trying to learn new things, and refining what I know. I will work hard on my physical preparation and be disciplined about my diet, and also work on my mindset for competition, strategy etc. I want to be thankful for being able to train every day and enjoy every second of it.”

Caio Terra

I’m thankful for my family my team and most importantly my health. 2014 was a scary year and the first time that I did not compete at the Pan or Worlds. This gave me a new found perspective on life, what’s important and what really matters. In 2015, I want to be a better teacher, mentor and friend. Winning titles is great but it’s more important to be there for others who have always been there for me. When you focus on winning, you focus on yourself, although I want to have a great year on the mat in 2015, it isn’t my priority.  To my students both at the academy and online, I want to make a bigger impact in your lives. I have a lot of ideas and cant wait to make them happen! To our affiliates, there were a lot of things planned for 2015 that I could not get done in 2014 because of my health. Although 2014 was a good year I feel it is only the beginning of something great. Cant wait to see what 2015 has in store.”

JT Torres

“I would like to say thanks mostly to my new BJJ family over at Atos San Diego for really pushing me to the next level! A resolution I have to make sure I have a better year in 2015 is that I’m going to force my self to train outside of my normal positions to expand my game even more!”

Romulo Barral

“I’d like to thank all Jiu-Jitsu Professors and students all over the world. It was a year of hard work for me in my academy and travelling around the globe. In 2015, I want to continue my work as a Professor building champions on and off the mats. As an athlete, I still aim to win weight and open class in a major tournament. 2015 is an ADCC year, so that’s going to be my priority.”

Michelle Nicolini

“I’d like to say thanks to all my family, my team, sponsors, trainers and Professors. I like to say thanks to God, who designed a wonderful 2014 for me. I can already feel that 2015 will be great. I’ll have a lot of work with the ADCC, Jiu-Jitsu and my MMA fights. I am very anxious to start all over again. Also, thanks to GRACIEMAG, which is always after the athletes giving voice to our opinions and showcasing our work.”

MacDonald vs. Torres (3)

Tammi Musumeci

“Looking back at 2014 I am most thankful for all the love and support I received from the Jiu-Jitsu community. I am thankful for my instructors, training partners, family and friends for helping me through everything.  In 2015 my resolution is to get stronger, faster, more athletic and way more technical. I want to win the Worlds this year and leave the tournament in one piece. I am planning also to make my MMA pro debut. So I’m striving for a strong successful year!”

Yuri Simões

I’d like to say thanks for not having any injury that would have taken me away from competitions. I’d also love to thank those who helped me achieve my goals. In 2014 I noticed that whenever I focus too much on my opponent, I don’t do as good. If I train aiming to overcome my own limits, I get the best results. For 2015, I intend to correct details on the positions I like to do to make them even sharper.”

Gianni Grippo

“I’m most grateful for all the opportunities that I was able to take advantage of this year. Being able to compete at almost all the major tournaments this year helped me a lot in my development as a black belt as each challenge was a new learning experience no matter the result. My New Years resolution is to now go into each tournament believing that I belong with the best and that I can reach the top of the podium each time. This past year was a test to see where I stood amongst the best, now I want to take that next step forward.”

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