5 tips for bringing up a healthy child in Jiu-Jitsu

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What do you want for your kids the most? Photo by Mike Colón, a purple belt camera-wielding artist on Gracie Barra

One of the pillars of the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle is family. Only with healthy kids and proud parents can we have the peace of mind and time to train every day, without any greater worries. But what’s the secret to cultivating and captivating a happy family? How do you bring up salubrious children with the help of Jiu-Jitsu?

Our columnist Martin Rooney, a dedicated father and equally enthusiastic parent, put together a simple recipe, one that can help us all. Check out the original article on his blog, www.trainingforwarriors.com.

1. Lead by Example

Before you are going to get your kid in shape, you have to get yourself in shape first. Everything you do is something that your child is going to be learning from you. Parents that eat right and exercise have kids that eat right and exercise. Parents that are sedentary and bring the wrong food into the house, will have kids that follow suit. Remember there is a reason that they say that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

2. Create Good Habits

Once you start leading by example, you are going to have to stay consistent. Eating right and exercising is not a “sometimes” thing; it is an all-the-time thing. Stay the course. Never let off. Be consistent in your message and actions despite the opportunity to do otherwise.

By continuing to make exercise part of the environment, putting the right things in your cupboards, and limiting TV time, your kids will eventually form good habits that will last a lifetime.

3. Find Out The Dream

When you were a kid, I am sure you had a dream. Well, every kid today has one too. The best thing you can do is discover that dream and help help your child create an optimistic expectation. There is nothing wrong with letting your child believe they can be the best in the world. Your goals might not always be the same as your child’s, but a child with a powerful support team is difficult to stop. One important aspect of that support will be by developing their first wealth: their health.

4. Get Involved

Once you know your child’s dream, the next step is to support it. The more you are involved in the process, the better the chances you will both grow healthy together. Kids that work out with their parents are proven to be less likely to be involved in drinking, drugs and delinquent behavior. Being involved in your kid’s life isn’t invasive, it is impressive.

5. Love Them No Matter What

Just like you cannot be too motivating, or too positive, it is impossible to give your child too much love. This is, however, a great goal to strive for. A great way to love them with good food and a healthy lifestyle. Once you get involved in your child’s dream, you may end up wanting things for your kids more than they do. Even if they occasionally come up short, never forget the five most powerful words you can tell your child: “I Am Proud Of You.”

Parenting a healthy kid is a tough job. But somebody has to do it. Now Get To Work!

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