GRACIE DIET: Add more flavor to your dish with this tasty carrot soufflé recipe

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If you think the Gracie Diet is a very restrictive eating routine just for athletes, you are mistaken. Appreciating the choice of food, combined to the right blend of ingredients to compose a proper recipe, you will find that a huge range of possibilities arise in creating a healthy and tasty meal.

Today, we teach how to prepare a simple and delicious carrot soufflé for you to indulge without guilt. Now, you can add this delightful recipe to your Gracie diet’s cooking book.



4 medium carrots

1/2 cup of cream cheese light or Vegan cream cheese

2 egg whites



Wash the carrots under running water, cut into cubes for cooking. Once cooked, take half of the carrots and blend into a puree with two tablespoons of cream cheese light to turn it into a carrot cream.

Take the other half of the carrots and mix it with the carrot cream that has been beaten. Take the two egg whites, beat it, and then mix everything. Put the mix into a casserole dish, bake for 20min and it is ready.

So, dear reader, what you think of this recipe? Comment!

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