Felipe Preguiça teaches how to pass the spider guard in one swoop

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In 2014, Felipe Preguiça taught some students from Team Moraes, in Rio, how to pass the spider guard in one swoop, and Graciemag was present to collect the details.

Translated transcript:

“He’ll have one leg stretched, and this other one will be on the bicep, but it won’t be applying pressure. So with this hand, I’ll pass it to the inside of this pants and I’ll stretch my arm until I remove this leg from the bicep. As soon as I do, I can’t keep my elbow open. If I do, he’ll return. So I remove it and close my elbow here.

“With this other leg that’s stretched, I put my elbow inside and make a grip on his pants as well. Now I’m gonna start to get on the side of the stretched leg. Then I posture and do a hip thrust [0:54], throwing his leg this way. As soon as I push his leg this way, this knee will slot between his legs. And this hand comes in behind his thigh. Then I lock in place.

“After I kill the spider guard and push his leg there, this hand comes right away on his collar. ‘Cause sometimes I push and he keeps this leg here, then he starts escaping with this knee here [1:25]. Then he’ll start pushing me away and he’ll recover the guard. So as soon as I push this leg this way, I have to put this knee on the ground, and this hand locking his thigh here with my forearm. Here I have two options: Either I put my elbow on his thigh [1:46], or I put my armpit on his thigh and put my head on this side. And then I pass. So he’s playing the spider here. He’s gonna stretch one here, the other there, I walk…”

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