Learn a newly discovered, brutal secret wrist fold from the lasso guard

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How goes your arsenal of surprise attacks, dear reader? You might be interested in learning that the wrist fold, which often catches fighters unprepared, can be taken to a different level depending on where it originates.

This is what is being taught today by Cristiano “Titi” Lazzarini, a teacher in Belo Horizonte, as he reveals a sneaky technique based on the game of Junio “Valério” Souza, a black-belt at Gracie Barra BH.

Check out the translated transcript and video below.

“I start doing the lasso guard, I cross my leg on his chest. He grabs and already tries to pass. I go in with the blade of my shin and come back with my chicken foot. he tries to get the arm out. Now, when he passes the guard, I hold the blade of the arm, and he underhooks. Then [0:41] look at his wrist…”

“Dude doesn’t know how to squeeze slowly.”

“Playing guard, I go to the lasso. Then, most of the time, I sweep with the lasso. Then I’m here, throwing him there [1:01], then he comes back. When he comes back, I hold the lapel here and get my shin deep, and make a chicken foot, and hold the blade of Titi’s arm. Automatically, he tries to underhook and pass the guard. When he underhooks, the key position is this: the legs meet. Thus you get a wrist fold.”

“Guys, remember: don’t do the position without the instruction of a teacher.”

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