Ricardo Zanelato teaches how to finish on the arm after taking the back

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Ricardo’s surprise attack from the back.  

A teacher at Lotus Club in Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, this week Ricardo Zanelato presents an option for simplifying the placing of the hook once you reach the back, and concludes the position with a torsion of the arm.

In the lesson, the black-belt demonstrates the back-take with a backpack-style grip, his hands on his opponent’s lapels. With one hook already secured, Ricardo attempts to place the other one and waits for his opponent’s predictable defense, holding the leg to avoid the four-pointer.

With the arm exposed, Ricardo brings the opposite hand to break his opponent’s grip, places the hook, and even grabs his opponent’s unattended arm to submit him with an inverted kimura, twisting the arm in the direction of the back.

Watch the lesson right here:

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