“Featherweight” Tanquinho heads Soul Fighters training camp and awaits Rodolfo

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Following a quick win at Long Island Pride, Augusto Tanquinho is still in doubt as to whether he’ll fight as a lightweight or a featherweight at the 2011 Worlds. On Monday he was certain he would, once again, fight at lightweight. Yesterday, though, in the final stage of the Soul Fighters & GFTeam training camp in Connecticut, USA, the scale left him in a bit of a quandry.

“This Monday I weighed 73kg without the gi, so I’m going to try to go in as a featherweight. I have till Sunday to change divisions at the IBJJF, and If I manage to lose more weight – that is, make it to 70kg by Sunday –, I’ll go in as a featherweight. I can already tell these days are going to be rough! I hate diets!” said Tanquinho, who just launched his website, www.augustotanquinho.com.

There are other fighters hard at it at the Soul Fighters/GFTeam camp as well, like Rafael Formiga, Vitor Henrique, Denilson Pimenta, Italo Lins, Vanessa Oliveira, not to mention a number of brown, purple and blue belts.

Early next week the group shoves off for California, where they will meet up with GFTeam aces Rodolfo Vieira and Theodoro Canal, to wrap up their training for the 2011 Worlds, to start Thursday the 2nd.

To contact Augusto Tanquinho about seminars, his email is tanquinhojj@gmail.com.

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