BJJ: the choke Renzo Gracie and Demian Maia studied in Florianópolis

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Renzo and Demian adjusted their grips at the Camp. Eduardo Ferreira

Teachers Renzo Gracie and Demian Maia were side by side recently to teach to a classroom some of their best BJJ advice. It happened during the Camp, an event held in the Brazilian city of Florianópolis, and, there, a chance arose for teachers and students to study a choke position.

The lesson was led by Renzo. He showed the details to the grip for choking an opponent from the side, with the arm on the inside and one hand-to-hand grip. Renzo went over the adjustment and showed how easily he could squeeze, with no need for too much force. Then he adjusted the move with Demian, who may be using this in the UFC eventually, as the move does not require a gi to work.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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