A Fit Mom’s Diary

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Petya with her family, husband Bruno and son Joao Lucas.

How difficult is losing weight and getting back in shape after pregnancy? Jiu-Jitsu practitioner from Texas and Bruno Bastos’s wife, Petya Bastos shows us how she lost 3kg / 6.5 pounds in one week of training after having the baby.

Petya still breastfeeding her son, Joao Lucas, and she is not on a diet. “I’m not on a diet but I try to eat healthy and give all the necessary food substances for me and my son.” Says Petya.

Here we present her 6-day workout routine coming back to training at the gym after the baby in this fit mom’s workout diary.

Monday: 45 minutes of cardio in fitness. It was her only workout of the day. “I felt tired and I had aching joints because of weight gained from pregnancy.” Petya said.

Tuesday: 30 minutes of cardio and exercises for shoulder and triceps. Squats and crunches, all this in 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps each. In the afternoon, she practiced judo. “We did some warm-up drill development and inspective new techniques. After time to fight.” Says Petya

Wednesday: 45 minutes of cardio after lunch, then she helped in the kids class where children learn some judo throws and how to protect themselves from throwing. After that she made it to the ladies class. She did grip fighting and learning about the technique.

Thursday: 30 minutes of cardio exercises with elastic and crunches. She said she had a nice stretch for at least 10 min. In the afternoon she workout “BJJ fight for grip” a lot with drills, and felt very tired. She finished the training with stretching.

Friday: Just one workout in fitness, 30 minutes of cardio, and this was all for the day.

Saturday: 30 minutes cardio. She was going to train BJJ after but her son was crying and didn’t let her, something very common to hear from a newborn’s mother. “I was ready to train BJJ but my son, “said no” and cried all the time and I could not train at that time.” Petya said.

Sunday was a rest day. In one week she lost 3 kg with this workout routine and eating healthy. Let’s have Petya as an inspiration and go hit the gym, train BJJ, practice sports or work out outdoors. Petya is a mother and does it, so no excuses!

Gracie Magazine is going to follow up with Petya registering her progress at the gym and keeping you posted about her workouts every month on Instagram. Follow @graciemagazine to see her posts.



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