8 Reasons to Be in Long Beach on December 8

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Mackenzie Dern é uma das atrações do Long Beach Open. Foto: Divulgação

Mackenzie Dern, a Gracie Humaitá brown belt, is one of the attractions at the Long Beach Open 2012. Publicity photo.

On Saturday, December 8, the IBJJF will be introducing the world to a new championship promising to be a milestone. If you love Jiu-Jitsu and live on West Coast USA, your presence there is mandatory.

The tournament is something competitors have been yearning for for years–a league paying out cash prizes to the biggest names in the gentle art.

For the initiative to come to pass, the IBJJF created internationals standings where the best black belts of the season are ranked, for the first time in the sport’s history. And they’ll be there to prove who is indeed the best, at the IBJJ Pro League–among those confirmed to be there are the likes of Rubens Cobrinha, Romulo Barral, André Galvão, Leandro Lo, Caio Terra, Roberto Tussa and other top-flight submission wizards.

Running alongside the League, the Long Beach Fall Open 2012 also promises excitement. Over 300 athletes are already signed up, of whom some are stars with their eyes on the gold. Sign-ups end today, so secure your spot here.

GRACIEMAG.com will be there to cover all the major moments on this special day for Jiu-Jitsu. So are you going to miss the chance to appear on GRACIEMAG.com?

If those aren’t enough reasons to get you to compete, then maybe the following eight will convince you to sign up for the Long Beach Open, instead of watching the party from the stands.

1. Golden end of the year

It’ll be your last chance to win an IBJJF gold medal in 2012. And it won’t be the easiest of tasks, as some of the biggest names at black belt are in the mix, like Lucio Lagarto, DJ Jackson, Ricardo Bastos and Raul Castillo.

2. The first medal

However fierce the competition may be, there are still some weight groups without that many matches. Holiday season, stars doing seminar tours… You know how it goes. It could be your big chance to win an unquestionable gold medal without having to go through four, five matches.

3. Fight first, UFC after

For the same day of the 8th, the UFC has put together a show rich in Jiu-Jitsu, where Ben Henderson puts his belt on the line against black belt Nate Diaz. So get your own competing in, and then gather with your friends to watch the UFC, preferably with special commentary from your black belt instructor, if he happens to be there to compete too. Guaranteed fun.

4. Hard-nosed ladies

The female division at the Long Beach Open will be serving up some stern competition. Already signed up to compete are brown belt Mackenzie Dern and purple belts Kristina Barlaan and Erin Herle. Erin, who fights under the Alliance banner, is the latest thick-skinned reporter to join the GRACIEMAG.com team.

5. Consistence and evolution

“I always want to compete. And that’s the feeling for a lot of people,” says Erin in a post listing her reason’s for sticking her neck out at the championship (click here to read it). “This is my last chance to get an IBJJF gold medal before the 2012 tournament season officially ends.”

6. Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

If you’re a Jiu-Jitsu and basketball fan, being in California will be a chance to see the Lakers. That weekend, Kobe’s team will be taking on the Utah Jazz at the Los Angeles Staples Center Arena. To top that off, at the Long Beach Open we’ll get to see Michael Jordan in action–the brown belt Michael Jordan Krider of team GB San Diego, that is.

7. Hit the California beaches post comp

If you live elsewhere in the USA, could you have a better excuse than to escape the cold? Throw on your gi and go west! And you may just come up with a gold medal to show off when you get home.

8. Perks and information

The best for last. Every competitor gets an exclusive event T-shirt and a copy of GRACIEMAG, perfect to keep you busy while you’re waiting for your name to be called.

Sign-ups end today, so rush and get your name on the list. Click here to register for the Long Beach Open.

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