Watch João Miyao’s choke win at Natal WPJJC Trials

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Joao Miyao na faixa roxa na Seletiva para Abu Dhabi em Natal

João Miyao tapped out two purple belt opponents at the Abu Dhabi Trials in Natal. Today marks the purple belt absolute contest, with an all-expenses-paid trip to the UAE on the line. Photo by Junior Samurai/GRACIEMAG.

João Miyao tapped two purple belt adversaries out in winning the Abu Dhabis tryouts yesterday in Natal, Brazil. Today he’ll be competing in the purple belt absolute for a chance to compete in the Emirates with all expenses paid.

There was no lack of excitement on the first day of Natal chapter of the WPJJC Trials, and more than 600 competitors took to the mats in competition.

Of the adult black belts in the running, only the girls saw action, as the men are competing today (Sunday).

At lightweight, Jessica Cristina (Gracie Miquinho) caught Luiza Monteiro by surprise and snapped up the gold, while Michelle Nicolini (CheckMat) won the featherweight division.

In the veterans mix, Bruno Ramos (Gracie Barra) came out on top in the under-83 kg brown/black belt master division, while Caio Magalhães’s teacher Guilherme Santos of Nova União tapped out Eduardo Lima of Gracie Barra with a choke to win the under-92kg division.

At purple belt, João Miyao (Cícero Costha) used a choke of his own to send off two opponents and take gold in the light featherweight division. Now Rio de Janeiro native Matheus Guilherme of Gracie Humaitá had four matches in winning the lightweight division. Rodrigo Mendes of Gracie Barra PE took top spot at super heavyweight. It’s worth noting that no one has assured an all-expenses-paid trip to the Emirates yet: the berth will be determined today, in the absolute blue and purple division.

Check out João Miyao in action in the light featherweight final. Keep your eye peeled for the knee-on-belly and neck attack.

Today the competition carries on with the contest for 13 berths in the main event, which takes place in April 2013 in the United Arab Emirates. The winners of the black belt-men weight divisions, the colored-belts absolutes and the female lightweight (under 63 kg) and heavyweight (over 63 kg) opens classes will earn their way to the Middle East to compete.

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