Worlds: remember when Royler intruded the big guys club and register for 2014

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Amaury vs. Royler at the 1997 Worlds

Amaury vs. Royler at the 1997 Worlds

It was the second edition of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship, in 1997.

Royler was again the main representative of the family in the event.

After winning his second gold medal in the featherweight division (two more would come in 1998 and 1999), Royler decided to try his luck in the big guys club, the open class division.

Royler himself talks about his decision: “I proved how technique is what matters most. I felt really proud of what Jiu-Jitsu could do for us.”

Royler’s adventure in the absolute was not a easy one, as he recalls: “I went on to the absolute, had another three matches, and only lost to Amaury Bitetti in the semifinals. I was much lighter, at just 65kg,”

In the video bellow, you can see Royler facing Amaury Bitteti in the open class semifinals (go to 8:21 to watch).

Now that you relived one of the most memorable moments of the history of the Worlds, register for this year’s edition.

The 2014 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship takes place in Long Beach, California, from May 28 to June 1.

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