Watch Rômulo Barral getting the choke at Rio Open

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Rômulo Barral, in white gi, against Igor Silva at Rio Open 2012 Photo by Gustavo Aragão/

“There isn’t a tough guy around who can withstand oncoming sleep; everyone passes out,” said the unforgettable Helio Gracie about the choke hold, considered by him to be the most effective move in the Jiu-Jitsu arsenal. Rômulo Barral of Gracie Barra used that very array of techniques to win the medium heavyweight and absolute divisions at the Rio Open last weekend. In the open weight final, the black belt got the takedown, passed guard and mounted. Already in a position of supremacy, he launched an assault on Igor Silva’s neck and obliged the GFTeam representative to tap out. Watch the masterful display:

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