Rodolfo admits to slip-up and defends Bochecha: “We need to model ourselves on him”

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Rodolfo percebe que está atrás no placar, 8 a 7, no fim da luta contra Bochecha. Foto: Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG

Rodolfo foresees defeat at 2012 Worlds, as he sees 8-7 for Bochecha on the scoreboard. He hadn't lost in the gi since 2010. Photo: Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.

A two-time heavyweight Jiu-Jitsu champion of the world, Rodolfo Vieira took off on a seminar tour in the United States just after the 2012 Jiu-Jitsu World Championship ended, the first weekend of June.

Via Facebook, though, the GFTeam steamroller felt there were still some loose from the championship needing tying up, and he took it upon himself to clear up some things relating to his quarterfinals defeat to eventual champion Marcus Vinicius Bochecha (CheckMat). And he did so with the characteristic sincerity common to great champions.

“Now the Worlds is over, I’ll speak my mind. I felt really bad about the comments made regarding Bochecha, saying he was arrogant, that he wasn’t humble and a bunch of other unpleasant things. I’m here to tell the world that he’s none of that. Quite the contrary, he’s a superathlete and a wonderful person; the kid’s pure gold,” wrote Rodolfo.

“I messed up with him, and badly. That’s why he wasn’t friendly with me—and with good reason. I’d have done the same… We can’t go judging people without knowing them. I feel that’s a major defect of ours, isn’t it?” said the GFTeam champ.

“I’m not bringing up the subject to address the problem that happened between us – the important thing to me was that I went and talked to him afterwards and he forgave me. We need to model ourselves on people like him, not just for his first-rate Jiu-Jitsu, but because of the good person he is, the good attitude he has on and off the mat. I’m certain the title is in excellent hands. Congratulations, Frapê. You deserve even more than that, brother. Even having lost the fight, it was the best I’ve done my whole life. And that’s enough for me,” said Rodolfo Vieira in closing.

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  1. Dave B at 2:06 pm

    A great example of one of the reasons I’m a Roldolfo fan. He’s been so dominant lately and I’ve never heard him be anything other than a class act. Even in defeat he is humble. A real champ!!

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  3. Calcinha Bolinho at 4:08 pm

    Its alright Rodolfo I don’t like Bochecha either and I don’t know him. Hes just one of those who people who you look at and know you won’t like because you’re right he looks arrogant. If there was a way to get in touch with him I would challenge him to a superfight in the gi any time anywhere. I’m the head instructor at a Wander Braga affiliate here in Minneapolis, MN and I know the jiu jitsu I have learned from my master is second to none and would never let me down. I have the utmost faith in Braga Jiu Jitsu. Lets do this Bochecha!

    That is big of you to say that though Rodolfo and it makes me admire a great champion like yourself even more.

    I still to this day can’t believe that after Bochecha won the worlds as a brown belt his team was chanting “watch out Roger Gracie!” Yeah right. YEAH RIGHT. Bochecha would not last 5 minutes against Roger. Will we ever see such a dominant champ as Roger again? No not likely. But Rodolfo is the next best and Id like to see him win a couple more world championships.

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