Rio Mix Fight features fights and solidarity

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Alexandre Baixinho, a one-time UFC fighter, has taken on a new role: that of event promoter. And his first event will be Rio Mix Fight, which will feature several styles and big names of the martial arts this coming June 6.

Such standouts of the Brazilian domestic MMA scene as Hacran Dias, Aloísio Dado and Eduardo Simões will do battle in the ring. Other illustrious members of the fight world like Artur Mariano, Gustavo Ximú, Ricardo De La Riva, Ary Galo and many others who, besides promoting the martial arts, will be there to held the low-income community of Chapéu Mangueira, located on the hill overlooking the Leme borough of Rio de Janeiro.

The party promises excitement for the community and tickets will be sold at a promotional prices plus 2 kilos of non-perishable food, which will be donated to the nurseries in the Chapéu Mangueira community.

The event will be announced by Olivar Leite and has the backing of the Rio de Janeiro city government, Rip Dorey, ZL Tecnologia em Impressão, Orla Rio and Rede Economia.

(Written with the collaboration of Olivar Leite)

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