Rickson’s rapper student to face Matt Lindland

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Casey uses his Jiu-Jitsu to win at Strikeforce. Photo: Esther Lin

“King” Kevin Casey will have the toughest task of his MMA career ahead of him. On May 21, in Portland, he will face off against Olympic medalist Matt Lindland in the main event of Strikeforce Challengers.

Casey specializes in Jiu-Jitsu, a style he has been practicing with Rickson Gracie for a long time. But the thing that most grabs attention is that he’s a hip hop singer. He recently recorded the single “No Surrender”.

With three wins and one loss on his record, he made his Strikeforce debut in November of 2009, when he submitted Chad Vance with a rear-naked choke.

Lindland needs no introduction. Besides being an Olympic silver medalist, he has faced fighters of the caliber of Fedor Emelianenko, Murilo Bustamante, Vitor Belfort and Ricardo Cachorrão, among others.

Want to see how good Kevin Casey is at fighting and hip hop? Check out both facets of the fighter in the video below:

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  1. Jordan Burton, III at 12:58 am

    After reading a little on this guy, finding out how he disrespected Rickson by self promoting himself a black belt, being a homosexual, and spiting on Marc Laimon in public, how in the WORLD can you do a feature story on this guy? I feel like I wasted about 5 minutes of my life reading this.

  2. jay at 12:27 pm

    poor representation of any level of martial artistry. and these dudes in the background? wtf? you’re at the beach with a bonfire in black wife-beaters? best joke of 2010… maybe the century.

  3. Seymour Prietolingham at 9:22 pm

    Kevin is so misunderstood. I used to really enjoy his hands on, no-gi classes at Rickson’s. First off, the rumors about him spitting on Laimon’s face and promoting himself are just that – RUMORS! Let this serve as a warning to all the “haters,” in reality, Kev is a very giving and sweet man.

  4. I.M.Nottacweir at 6:20 pm

    Anyone who can’t see the pure talent in Kevin’s “No Surrender” video needs to get a life right now! The best thing about it is the token white guy with the AWESOME rhythm – now that’s what I call power! It should be abundantly clear that, based on the presence of his whole crew, he means business. Also, I don’t think Kevin promoted himself to black belt. I think he claimed to be Black and have a belt (which is true) – simple misunderstanding. As for the claims of gayness, couldn’t we all be considered a little fancy . . . at least by someone’s standards? You may think you’re straight as an arrow, but probably not to the likes of Jerry Falwell (just like you may be tough, but not compared to Rickson). It’s all just a sliding scale between the extremes of John Wayne and Liberace. What I want to know is when did all the hate begin?

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