Rickson and Royler seminar for mudslide victims today in Rio

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What follows is important information regarding participation in the “Martial Arts for Solidarity” event to take place today, Wednesday the 19th.

ACCESS: Everyone will need to present ID to get into São João Fort, whether by foot or car. As it is a military base, everyone must present official documentation with a photo. ATTENTION: Entry will only be permitted after 7pm!

PARKING: 70 parking spots will be made available within the fort, so the organizers request participants car pool and, when possible, use public transport. The following bus lines pass in front of the Fort:

– 511 – Urca/Leblon (Via Jóquei)

– 512 – Urca/Leblon (Via Copacabana)

– 107 – Urca/Central

ENTERING GYMNASIUM: Only those who contribute 5 kg of non-perishable food will be allowed into the gymnasium. Here is a link to what may be donated http://monksports.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/o-que-doar/.

FINANCIAL DONATIONS: There is a station where financial donations can be made. Financial contributions DO NOT count in the place of the 5 kg of food.

TIME: The seminar will begin at 8:30 pm on the dot and will last until 1:30 am. Be sure to have changed into your gi by the designated time.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: There will be an official photographer and cinematographer for the event. As it is a military base with strict timetables, no individual photos will be permitted. All images will be made available on the www.monksports.wordpress.com website.

Filming of the seminar will not be permitted.

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