Revamp your menu to battle ills like cancer

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The other day the “Jornal Hoje”program on Brazil’s Globo television network featured a menu of interest to anyone clued in to the pillars of Gracie Culture, of which is a fervent devotee—healthy and pleasurable eating.

On the program (watch here), experts listed the main foods responsible for preventing a variety of different forms of cancer, or even successfully combating malignant cells, as do beets.

Check out the list and add them to your grocery list. And to be all the wiser in maintaining a sound body, subscribe to GRACIEMAG for monthly tips and tricks for keeping healthy.

Lycopene: antioxidant shown to prevent prostate cancer.
Food: Tomato and red guava.

Omega 3: Restructures part of the cell membrane and, thus, inhibits tumor growth. It has been shown to be a powerful aid in preventing breast cancer.
Food: salt-water fish like salmon and sardines.

Reverastrol: Acts within the cell and the membrane surrounding it, blocking angiogenesis, or growth of new blood vessels through which the tumor spreads.
Food: Grapes, grape juice and wine

Fibers: Protect the large intestine. During the digestive process, soluble fiber is fermented by helpful bacteria, and from this chemical reaction comes butyric acid, which inhibits the spread of malignant cells. Now insoluble fiber prevents cancer because it aids in digestion.
Food: Fruit (soluble), oats, wheat and whole grain rice (insoluble)

Epigallocatechin gallate: prevents malignant cell mutations and reduces the spread of existing malignant cells. To benefit from this effect, it should be taken in large quantities (about ten cups per day).
Food: Green tea

Isoflavones: Studies show that consumption of the substance – when women start at an early age – helps prevent breast cancer
Food: Soy

Sulforaphane: Antioxidant effect
Food: Broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage

Gingerol: Powerful antioxidant
Food: Ginger

Capsaicin: Analgesic effect
Food: chilli pepper

Curcumin: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial
Food: Curry

Betacyanin: Antitumor
Food: red beets, beet juice

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