More attacks with the lapel at Renzo Gracie Online Academy

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This week at Renzo Gracie Online Academy, we will be studying more attacks starting from the closed guard with help from our opponent’s lapel. One kimura, one sweep taking advantage of the kimura adjustments, one omoplata, and — as you can see in this video — one armbar from a side position.

Cool armbar, right? But the position that pleased the Graciemag team most this week was the kimura. Note that at the moment the guard player wraps the passer’s head with the lapel and starts breaking their posture, pulling the lapel down, it’s natural for the passer to try to muscle in the opposite direction. Watch how Leo Tunico uses his right hand against Robsinho’s hip, finding there a support point to raise his head and correct his posture. The right arm, however, becomes momentarily vulnerable to a kimura.

In your lifestyle lesson, Maurição Gomes talks about the need to develop an optimistic perspective to face daily challenges.

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