Meet the 5 worst enemies of the BJJ fighter

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Muzio de Angelis, IBJJF referee. Dan Rod

Muzio de Angelis, IBJJF referee. Dan Rod

Graciemag and Gallerr are constantly looking for good tips to help the reader and practitioner in their journey toward the black belt. The path is arduous and full of bumps that can hinder evolution. Prof. Muzio de Angelis shares here the five things he considers the biggest hurdles to one’s progress in BJJ.

1. Arrogance

Arrogance slows down your journey in BJJ. Sometimes the fighter thinks they know everything and don’t need to learn anything more. We are in a state of constant learning, so open your mind.

2. Keep your word

Not keeping your word is another aspect that can keep you from evolving. When you schedule a roll with your friends, don’t blow them off due to laziness, forgetfulness or any other type of problem. Be reliable.

3. Ingratitude

The student who doesn’t honor their master and higher-ranked teammates will never be anybody in the world of BJJ. This behavior is, to me, one of the worst within our art.

4. Don’t be repetitive

The athlete who only wants to do the same things every day gets left behind — for example, the practitioner who only wants to pass guard, because they don’t believe in their bottom game and are afraid of getting squeezed by their fellow students.

5. Tardiness

Tardiness is also a big no-no. It can cause you to be disqualified from competitions and undermine your development at the gym. The athlete who is like this will not be a strong black-belt, or even a good professional.

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