Masters Leão Teixeira and Stambowsky get diplomas from Robson Gracie

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Marcio Stambowsky, Reyson Gracie, Leão Teixeira and Robson Gracie at the ceremony. 

Last weekend in Rio, after the usual graduation ceremony for students at Leão Teixeira Jiu-Jitsu School, students and parents got to witness something a little less usual.

Grandmaster Robson Gracie, the president of FJJ-Rio, showed up to present diplomas for Master Marcio “Macarrão” Stambowsky, who teaches at Gracie Sports/Macarra BJJ in Connecticut, and Master Leão Teixeira. Leão Teixeira got the diploma referring to his sixth degree, represented by the coral belt, while Stambowsky got a diploma for his eighth stripe, represented by the red-and-white belt.

Afterwards they posed for pictures with Robson and also with Grandmaster Reyson Gracie. You can check it out, on video, below.

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