Marketing: Anderson Silva among world’s top 50 sports stars

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Terra Magazine broke word: “Anderson Silva is among the 50 most marketable athletes of 2011,” on highly regarded list “SportsPro”.

The ranking is based on the marketability of sports stars according to criteria such as media exposure, image, performance in and out of the arena, and other attributes.

From the world of fighting, only Manny Pacquiao and Anderson made the list. From Brazil, only goal-scoring soccer star Neymar is there with “The Spider”.

The ranking suggests that Anderson’s last two performances (a submission win over Sonnen and knockout over Belfort) have silenced the chorus of boos over his performance against Demian Maia once and for all. It looks like Anderson may even move up in the ranking in 2012.

“It’s great news, made my day,” said Anderson.

Check out the ranking:

1. Usain Bolt 26. Ryo Ishikawa
2. LeBron James 27. Sidney Crosby
3. Cristiano Ronaldo 28. Wayne Rooney
4. Lionel Messi 29. Tyson Gay
5. Lewis Hamilton 30. Kevin Durant
6. Carmelo Anthony 31. Joe Mauer
7. Sebastian Vettel 32. Andy Murray
8. Michael Phelps 33. Lin Dan
9. Caroline Wozniacki 34. Brian Wilson
10. Mahendra Singh Dhoni 35. Mark Cavendish
11. Yao Ming 36. Travis Pastrana
12. Jessica Ennis 37. Mark Sanchez
13. Kobe Bryant 38. Danica Patrick
14. Shaun White 39. Valentino Rossi
15. Dwyane Wade 40. Anderson Silva
16. Raphael Nadal 41. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
17. Neymar 42. Lindsey Vonn
18. Tom Brady 43. Dan Carter
19. Liu Xiang 44.Tim Tebow
20. Manny Paquiao 45. Sam Bradford
21. Rory McIlroy 46. Yu Darvish
22. Maria Sharapova 47. Mesut Ozil
23. Alex Ovechkin 48. Deron Williams
24. Fernando Alonso 49. Yuvraj Singh
25. Albert Pujols 50. Samuel Eto’o

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